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Building a team that works makes everyone happy

Reviewly offers different benefits for different roles. Find out how it can enhance your hiring process at every level

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Reduce bias during reviews

Bias exists, even if it's unconscious. Until your reviewers review candidates, we hide their information from them to help you achieve your Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) goals.

Read our best practices to achieve this.


Automate take-home projects

Stop asking your engineering team/manager to send candidates take-home projects and then forward them to reviewers to review. Once your team has set the projects, you only need the candidate's email address, and we'll take care of inviting them to their own GitHub repository.


Access to historical data

It is not uncommon for candidates to reapply for positions after some time has passed. Reviewly lets you keep track of all candidates previous submissions, as well as the feedback provided by the team.

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Integrate your existing tools

The Reviewly's Zapier and Make integrations (and their 6'000+ integrations), allow you to invite candidates to take-home projects once they reach a certain point in your Applicant Tracking System (ATS).

You can send a message to a Slack channel when someone reviews them. Or you can add rejected candidates to a spreadsheet for future reference. You can automate so many things!


Simulate real work projects

As a developer, you know that our job is not just writing code all day, but it also includes other skills. Start evaluating your future co-workers on their communication and collaboration skills by asking them to reply to issues and review pull requests.

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Evaluate candidates consistently

The review of a take-home project can be very subjective. Put together a checklist that you or your team can use to evaluate candidates. In this way, you can evaluate them consistently.

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Have everything in a single place

Submissions of take-home projects will no longer be provided as GitHub repositories, Gists, and some as ZIP archives by email. You will always have your own GitHub repository where you and your team can review candidate submissions.

If you need to chat with them in a live interview, you will also be able to access all your notes.

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Make a first great impression on candidates

Can you recall the last time you had to code in a different coding environment? It's stressful and also very different from how you work every day. Don't force your candidates to code in a certain way. They will thank you later!

Hiring developers through take-home challenges?

Hiring mistakes can be avoided

Nearly three quarters of companies waste $14,900 on bad hires, according to CareerBuilder: 74% say the candidate they hired wasn't the right fit.

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