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Hire developers more effectively

Create and send take-home projects that assess technical, communication, and collaboration skills faster and better.

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SaaSHub product of the day #2 - May 27, 2023

The GitHub integration for building better development teams

Save time

Speed up the review process for your team and make quicker offers.

Test with real work

Create your own real-world tasks to assess coding and code review skills.

Hire without bias

Avoid bias and assumptions when hiring: rely on real evidence.

Take-home projects that fit your needs

Instead of a library of pre-built exercises, Reviewly creates GitHub repositories for each project that are fully customizable.

You can ask candidates to write code, discuss issues, and review pull requests during the interview process.

How it works

Enhance your existing hiring process

Through the Zapier and Make integrations, Reviewly can be integrated into your hiring process. To avoid bias, candidates' identities are hidden from reviewers until they have reviewed them.

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Provide a great candidate experience

Let your candidates use their own machines for the coding test instead of a simulated web environment that tracks every mistake. Allow them to demonstrate how it is to work with them.

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Review with Reviewly

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Orchestrate the process

Step 2

Let developers create

Step 3

Review and sum it up

Step 4

3rd party integrations
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Makes life better for


Hire according to your company's culture and process, and reduce hiring bias.


Increase performances by automating processes and integrating them with your existing tools.


Access to data, also evaluate communication and collaboration skills and hire consistently.


Test candidates in a familiar situation without forcing them and make a great impression.

Benefits for everybody

Create a centralized location for your team to handle and review take-home projects during the interview process, improving the candidate skill evaluation and streamlining the hiring process.

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Hiring developers through take-home challenges?

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